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Hi Luis, Thank you for all your help with my triathlon training! Your experience and coaching advice made a huge difference in my '06 season. Your coaching services were the great foundations of my personal successes this past year. Not only did I drop almost an hour and half from my first Ironman race, but I also reached my goal of qualifying for Kona.

I think my favorite of your words of wisdom came less than 3 days before my last race of the season, Ironman Florida. My whole family was there to watch me race and I had come down with a stomach bug a week earlier. Just days before the race I was still not feeling better. I was so worried that all my training was going to have been wasted. You told me that it didn't matter how I felt three days before the race, that it only mattered how I felt on race day. Your advice put my mind at ease knowing my hard work was in the bag and that there was nothing else I could do at that point except stop worrying. After we talked, I was able to just rest, not stress about whether the illness would resolve in time, and wait for the big day. When I woke up on race day I felt fine and then went on to run a marathon that was 11 minutes faster than my goal time, get a new IM PR, and win a slot to Hawaii. Needless to say, I'm looking forward to working with you again in '07 as I prepare for Hawaii.

Kathryn Dagny Aleda, Denver Colorado
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