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Extended Coaching    
If you are a current SmartTriathlonTraining athlete and are in need of personal attention consider joining me as an "extended coaching" athlete.

As an extended coaching athlete I will ask you to write comments on the web log. There will be a few pieces of information that I would like to know about each of the sessions. I will read your comments once a week and send you an email with feedback. We can also have a weekly phone conversation and discuss progress and anything related to the training program. International athletes can utilize free voice over IP internet phone.

By tracking you during your training period I will be able provide the proper feedback based on your personal situation. Many athletes report that the fact that they are now being held accountable to complete their training makes a huge difference during their training period. During our phone conversations I will explain those aspects of the company's methods that should be paid attention to. Although much of this information is available online at SmartTriathlonTraining.com many athletes do not have the time to read the web site or perhaps overlook training concepts that are of great importance to them. The following is a short list of the most common issues I have been able to address in a very thorough manner with "extended coaching" athletes.

  • The company's method of training.
  • The importance of aerobic development first.
  • Daily diet adjustments and methods for proper weight loss.
  • Combination bike/run (brick) workouts and its proper use in training.
  • Race scheduling during the year.
  • Race day pacing nutrition and hydration.
Read the testimonials from some of my "extended coaching" athletes. Give yourself the best chance to maximize your potential and join my small group. Space is limited to 25 athletes. Contact me at questions@SmartTriathlonTraining.com
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